NOTE: Families must fill out one enrollment form for each child entering the program. If you previously filled out a form prior to the beginning of the school year on Distance Learning, please fill out the form again at this time. Click Here for SVA Enrollment Form

Soulsbyville Virtual Attendance Program

Requirements and Agreements

Soulsbyville Virtual Attendance (SVA) is an alternative to classroom instruction consistent with the school district’s course of study and is not an alternative curriculum. SVA allows students to pursue their educational opportunities outside the classroom, yet within the framework of the educational requirements of Soulsbyville School. The District may make changes to this document at any time without prior notice.

Attendance and Participation

SVA students will be responsible for accessing daily lessons and for interacting with their homeroom teacher’s Google Classroom on a daily basis. Daily attendance will be taken for SVA students through Google Classroom. SVA students will be responsible for completing all assignments posted on Google Classroom.

Academic Support

SVA students will have scheduled “check in” meetings as needed with a staff member to gauge progress in the virtual attendance program, address questions, and administer any assessments that need “face to face” contact. SVA students will have access to on campus or virtual “office hours” with Soulsbyville classified or certificated staff for academic support.

Assessment and Grading

SVA students will be held to the same academic standards as all Soulsbyville students. Through SVA, students will receive instruction and practice in academic content via district adopted curriculum and other supplementary materials. SVA students will be assessed for their understanding of the standards and graded accordingly. All SVA students will receive standard progress reports and report cards.

Continuation or Changes in Program

You may choose to transition your child out of SVA and into attendance on campus, according to the current available options offered by the district, at any time. The district may be required to make changes to scheduling throughout the year, and any changes to the program will be communicated prior to implementation.


SVA students will have access to Soulsbyville extracurriculars, including sports and school wide events (when these programs are available).