April 14th-May 1st

March 30th - April 10th

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

In keeping with the focus of 'Staying Engaged -- be a Skillbuilder" we are providing the following Materials.

Your child's teacher has informed you of additional resources/skill building apps via emails/texts/Google Docs.

We feel that all the work is self-explanatory with the one exception of Perfect Sentences.  The kids know what they are, what they need to do and how to use the sentence rubric.  You will see a couple of samples.  they read the sentence to you then copy/write it. use the rubric and then write it again. you can come up with your own sentences using the sight words enclosed in the materials.  Other words should be cvc (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.


Mrs. Lewicki, Mrs. Lillie & Mrs. Pfeiffer

Kindergarten Reading and Math

Perfect Sentences

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