April 14th-May 1st

March 30th - April 10th

Dear Fourth grade families,

During this time as we discover a new way of learning, please use the following links and resources to keep up on the skills we have already learned this year.


Go to Think Central and use the same username and password that you use to log onto AR. Choose the “assignments” tab to select the assignment you’d like to work on. There you will find review information, called “Personal Math Trainer” for each of the chapters we have taught so far. This will be review.You can also use the Math On The Spot videos, select 4th grade, and choose the chapter you’d like to view. Using the student ebook is also an option if there is a certain concept you’d like to review.

Multiplication.com is also another great website to use to review math facts and play math games. Go to “Auto Scored Quizzes”, select the operation you’d like to practice, and then work your way up beginning with the pretest, and then move onto the next number set. This is GREAT practice, and doesn’t take too long either.

https://www.nctm.org/Classroom-Resources/Illuminations/Interactives/Equivalent-Fractions/ is a fun interactive website where you can manipulate fraction models to create equivalent fractions.

Go to Google classroom and join my class if you haven’t already (Baer kids too;p) using this code: klopgg7

Here you will find links to creative writing prompts and journal ideas,Kahn academy math activities, as well as our county’s website where you can access Brain Pop.


Use Spellingcity.com to work on activities from the lists available.

Reading: Read the novel, “Across The Wide and Lonesome Prairie”. There are copies available in the office to borrow, you can also find the kindle edition on Amazon for $4.99 if you prefer. There are attached comprehension questions that go with each section of pages (you’ll see later why it’s not written by chapters).

History: visit Brain POP by going through the county website and using your google account. Social Studies> U.S. History: Westward Expansion, Railroad History, Mexican American War, and Gold Rush. Be sure to do the "review" quiz when you finish watching a video.

Play the Oregon Trail game online

Science:Science> Diversity of Life: any video that interests you.

Science> Energy: Any video having to do with batteries, circuits, magnets or electricity.

Have fun, explore videos that are interesting to YOU! Be sure to do the "review" quiz when you finish watching a video.

PE: Please make a point to get outside and get your lungs working each day. Fresh air and sunshine are good for you! Drink plenty of water!

Find time to do some games that “unplug” you from screens. Bake something, follow a recipe, make something beautiful. Take this time to find what you are grateful for. I’m grateful for you and I miss you all terribly. We’ll get through this!

Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie pages 3-30

Online version click here for more activities and interactive games.

Comprehension Questions:

1) What happened to Uncle Milton?

2) Why does the captain of the riverboat say he will take the Campbell's anywhere for free?

3) Where does Pa decide they will go since the river boat captain will take them anywhere?

4) Why is Ma not speaking to Pa?

5) What did President Polk say he wanted to do with Oregon and California?

6) What is Manifest Destiny according to page 8?

7) Which way does the map the Campbell family is using say to go? Why does that worry Hattie?

8) How long does the book say it will take to reach Oregon?

9) What are "skeeter cakes"?

Comprehension Questions:

Pages 30-59

1) What did Mrs. Kenker take?

2) How does Mrs. Anderson clean diapers?

3) What does Hattie think happened to Ma's china plate with the roses on it?

4) Why does Hattie want to meet some Mormon children?

5) What does Ma say to do to keep the mosquitoes off of you?

6) Did that work for Hattie?

7) What happened to Cassia?

8) What do the travelers put on their chapped lips?

9) What do the travelers use to start campfires?


Pages 59-81

1) How is Wade feeling?

2) Why did Mr. Kenker point a hand gun at Tall Joe?

3) What happened to the Campbell's front Ox?

4) What is the American Fur Company?

5) Who is leading the Mormon travelers?

6) What does Pepper tell Hattie that makes Hattie envious?

7) What is a "road-o-meter?"

8) How did Sweetwater River gets its name?

Online scavenger hunt about the Oregon Trail


Pages 82-113

1) Why do they have to leave things along the trail?

2) How far have the travelers gone since leaving Missoura?

3) Which way do the Campbell's decide to travel after leaving Sandy Creek and why?

4) Who does Hattie talk to about Mrs. Kenker?

5) What does Mrs. Bigg say about the Kenkers?

6) What happened to Mr. Bigg's cart?

7) What do the travelers discover after the hailstorm?

8) What do the men build while they are at Ft. Hall?

9) What happened to Mr. Kenker?


Pages 113-140

1) What makes Tall Joe make a quick decision about whether or not to cross the river right now?

2) What happened to Aunt June as they started to cross the cold river?

3) What does Aunt June name the baby that was born as they were crossing the channels?

4) What happened to Mrs. Bigg?

5) Why are so many people now walking?

6) Who rides in the wagons?

7) How do folks treat Mrs. Kenker?

8) How long might it take for folks back home to receive a letter from Oregon?

9) What does Hattie do at the Christmas party that shows she is learning about forgiveness?Links for the 4th Grade

Links to 4th Grade Class

20 Virtual Field Trips to take with your kids 

Scholastic “Learn From Home” 

Free Code Camp

Spelling City

33 National Parks you can tour virtually at home 

Go Math & Journeys Textbook Access (use the same username and password that you have to log into AR) 


Monterey Bay Aquarium

Math review Games

Kahn Academy 

STEM activities

Typing Pal 

Worksheets for your use:


Links and Ideas during time off

Creative Writing Prompts


Subtraction Facts

Subtracting Across Zeros

Four Digit Plus Four Digit Addition

Rounding Within 1 Million

Multiplication Facts

Identifying Multiples from a List

Multiplying Using Arrays

2 x 2 Digit Multiplication

4 X 1 Digit Multiplication

Comparing Fractions

Finding Equivalent Fractions

Identifying Factors

Adding Fractions Visual