May 18th- May 29th

Hello Third Grade Families,

We hope this finds you all healthy, safe and happy! We can not believe this will be the last work packet of the school year. Soon you will be 4th graders! I am excited for you but sad that our time together got cut short. Please know that we miss you all very much and hope that you have an amazing summer.

The following are some directions to assist you with your work packet:

Continue to practice your sight word list. (600 words by the end of 3rd grade, if you know all 1000...even better.)

Continue to choose a daily writing prompt and write a response in your writing notebook or create a Google Doc and share it with me.

Continue to Read each day and take AR tests.

Continue to practice your multiplication and division facts.

English Language Arts

The May cursive writing packet includes reference and practice pages. Please continue to practice your cursive writing.

Please finish your ELA: Charlotte’s Web Unit


Mystery science mini Lesson

End of the Year Activities:

(Writing/Art) Memory book, Reflection, My Wish for Next year.


Plan a Summer Vacation PBL Math Review

Catch up! Use these few weeks to catch up on any assignments you have not finished or may have missed.

***Please continue to join us every Thursday for Zoom meetings and leave comments and submit work to Google Classroom. Lastly, remember to take advantage of the Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) that the county website offers. Teachers have been working hard to provide excellent lessons to keep you engaged and build grade level skills.

English Language Art Worksheets

Cursive Writing Practices Worksheets

End of Year Memory Book

End of Year Reflections

End of Year Wish Assignment

Math Assignments

Science Assignments

May 4th- May 15th

English Language Art Writing:

Hello Third Grade Families,

For the writing portion of work packet #3 (May 4-15) I would like you to continue answering the daily prompts in Google Classroom that Ms. Malagon posted as well as choosing from the ones in the last packet that I gave you. (They are the same writing prompts we used as Morning Starters.) It is very important that you practice writing everyday.

I am also happy to share with you an exciting way to write an Informational Animal Report. What is unique about these writing lessons is that you will have a “guest teacher!” Through a series of videos embedded in the Google slides you will complete a short writing assignment daily. Each slide/day will include a short YouTube video lesson (less than 10 minutes each). Listen carefully and follow her directions. Please visit Google Classroom. There you will find your daily assignments that will include 10 days of writing. When you are done you will have a written and edited report to share! I look forward to seeing what topics you choose. Have fun!

Charlotte's Web Book

ELA Charlottte's Web Worksheets


Science Worksheets


Math Instructions for May 4th- May 15th

Charlotte's Web Math Problems of the Day

Be A Farmer A Measurement Project

Water Bottle Flip Line Plot Worksheet

Measurement and Data Board Game

Measurement Worksheets Lessons 7.1 to 7.4

April 14th- May 1st

Dear Soulsbyville family,

First, let me say I hope you and your family are safe and healthy as you read this cover letter. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we have been adjusting, like you, to the drastic changes in life during the last several weeks. We are extremely appreciative of our students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators for their positivity, flexibility and resilience during these trying times.

As you know, skill building learning for the Soulsbyville School District is in full motion. Our goal is to provide continuous educational opportunities and practice for students while schools are closed but also to eliminate as much stress as feasibly possible for students, parents, and teachers. While it is our responsibility to continue to educate our children, we also want to compassionately take into consideration the variety of difficulties that our families and employees are enduring during this time.

Most assignments that are available in skill building packet #2 may also be accessed and completed through Google Classroom. Packet #2 will continue to review skill-building skills from previous lessons. Overall, students should be familiar with the content. However, we understand that the packets can be overwhelming and slightly confusing so please feel free to reach out if there are any questions about the material. We will gladly do conference calls to help guide you and your child.


Ms. Malagon and Mrs. Fulkerson

Activity Sheet


ELA Part 1  -   ELA Part 2  -   ELA Part 3  -   Writing


Science Packets


Math Packet

Math Games:

Common Core Multiplication     -      Common Core Division

Division Mystery   -    Make It Melt Multiplication

Times Table Mandalas    -     Division Mandalas

March 30th - April 10th

Hello Third Grade Families,

We hope you are all doing well.  We have included a variety of resources for you to continue developing your skills in Language Arts, Social Science, and Math.  Please continue to read and write everyday as well.  You can also visit the Tuolumne County Superintendents of Schools website for extended learning websites.

Take care and we hope to see you soon,

Mrs. Fulkerson and Mrs. Wester (formally known as Ms. Malagon)

Media Portal - Tuolumne County Superintendents of Schools

Spelling City

Typing Pal

Storytime with Ryan & Craig

25 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Children & Teens

Positive Behavior Support Resource

5 Social-Emotional Learning Games to Play With Your Child

Free Social Emotional Learning Activities

Twelve Games to Teach Social-Emotional Learning


Daily Literacy Guide for at Home Work

Reading Comprehension

Language Art - Grammar

Language Arts - Vocabulary

Language Arts - Writing

Cursive Review and Practice




For the next two weeks (Monday, March 30th through Friday, April 10th), I have provided a number of ways for students to engage and practice their multiplication and division math fluency. Multiplication and division are an essential building block in math. It helps students with other math strategies and concepts, like fractions, decimals, area, perimeter, measures, and telling time.

The recommended multiplication and division activities below will make it easier for students to learn other math concepts as they grow.

Math Worksheets

Multiplication and Division Online Games

Multiplication and Division Videos