8th Grade English

April 14th-May 1st

March 30th - April 10th

Hello 8th Grade Students!

I miss you all so much. Please find your work on Google Classroom, this work will be both for Reading and Writing. The Google classroom code is: 6nuvrlf. Students will log in using their school email and password. Most students should have the code for this classroom already.

The work will be posted in my classroom by Monday morning. Please feel to contact me if you need any help or have any questions.

Thank you,

Mrs. Riley


Study Assignments:

English Week One

Daily Vocabulary Practice

Bell Ringer Week 29

The Best Job For Future You

Close Reading Week One

Creating Commercial About Future You

Quick Write

8th Grade History

April 14th-May 1st

March 30th - April 10th

Soulsbyville school has decided to do one grade level packet. Those in Mr. Higgins’ class will be doing the same lessons as Mrs. Korte’s class. These are all the completed notes that you have been studying in Mrs. Korte’s class. Please study and review them. I have also included all the video links that went with the amendment pages if you feel like watching them. Mr. Higgins class has finished the Constitution. This should be a review for you, but you will still need to study it in case there are things you did not know. You will have lessons based from these notes in the coming weeks. I will be posting these to Google Classroom. There will be a new Google Classroom titled “8th Grade History for at Home Learning”. EVERYONE (Mr. Higgins and Mrs. Korte’s classes) in 8th grade needs to join. The class code is ve4e2f2. Again, ALL 8th graders need to join this to get assignments, homework, etc. There will always be a hard copy available if you do not have internet access available in the office.Hello Soulsbyville Students! I know these are unusual times and circumstances in the way that you will be learning for the next few weeks. I really miss being in class with all of you!

First Assignment: After reading through the packet answer the question “Why do you think it is important for a Constitution to be flexible?” Please answer in correct paragraph form that you learned from Mrs. Riley. A paragraph needs at least 5 sentences (topic sentence, elaboration sentence(s), explain sentence(s), sentence(s) with example(s), and a conclusion sentence) do not use contractions. You may turn this in through google classroom. If you are unable to turn it in through google classroom, turn it in to the pickup area when you pick up week 2 packet. Be sure to label top: turn into Mrs. Korte’s box. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Korte


Study Assignments:

8TH Grade History Study Pack Week #1

8th Grade Math

April 14th-May 1st

March 30th - April 10th

Hi students and families. I have put together some math review practice for this week. These are all skills that I have previously taught this year. The 1st page is mostly just notes and examples. Students can reference their math journals, and I will be posting links to some Youtube - educational videos that accompany the daily work on my Google Classroom. Students can login to classroom.google.com and use their school email and password. Most students should already be signed up, but if you need to join one of my classes, my join in code is: u47f3ap

I will also have an answer key available for the packets so you can check your work. Please email me if you have any questions or would like a pdf of the answer key.


Mrs huff

8th Grade Math Teacher

Email: lhuff@soulsbyvilleschool.com

Math Packets:

8th Grade Math Week 1 Packet

8th Grade Math Week 2 Packet

8th Grade Science

April 14th-May 1st

March 30th - April 10th

Week 2 Science Assignments

Science - Skutches

Note from Mr Skutches

Coronavirus Lesson Assignment

1. Why are viruses considered to be “on the edge of Life” and not simply classified as living things?

2. How does the coronavirus get transmitted from one individual to another?

3.How do we best “flatten the curve” of the spreading virus?

4. Why is it important to flatten the curve?

5. How does high humidity decrease the chance of the virus spreading?

6. Describe three ways to practice “social distancing.”

Coronavirus Lesson Video 1



Science Lessons 8th Grade