April 14th-May 1st


Time recommendations per school day:

5 minutes: Handwritten Journal: gratitude, diary, etc.

20 minutes: Typing Pal or Spelling City

30 minutes: reading or listening to a book on audio. This includes AR test, when book is finished

30 minutes Writing: See attached lesson list. Please take breaks and do not do all at once. :)

** Parents, please assign/give your kids a lesson to work on, so they are not overwhelmed with the amount. There are a TON of demos on YOUTUBE with each skill. That can be included in the time. I attached a few, but will continue to research ideas. When time is up, stop and finish the next day. Quality over quantity. One lesson at a time, until it is done. Take lots of fun breaks too. :) If you can’t do everything in one day, don’t stress. Make your goal to do something each day and end on a good note. We are building habits that are new, so if you need to just start with SPELLING CITY everyday, and build from there, please give yourself grace.

Remember to pick up your supplies out of the CEDROS Language Arts box, along with this packet in the office. I will be in touch soon. Take Care! Mrs. Cedros

WRITING LESSONS: choose 1. Work on it until complete, even if it takes more than one day.

  1. MADLIBS - included in your room 15 packet. Great way to practice parts of speech with a family member. Maybe you can ‘play’ with a friend on the phone too! Great reading and grammar practice. I included a ton of HOLIDAYS too… Halloween in May! Haha. Everyone has multiples, because if you do one with your mom, you can always do the same one with a friend the next day. Practice improves skills. :)
  2. Editing packet. There are several in your ROOM 15 pre-made packet. All of these should be paired with a video, YOUTUBE or other internet source, to demo, or instruction from an adult. Editing is the toughest skill for the kids to learn. If you want an alternate activity, I am 100% supportive if you want to focus on 1 paragraph per day, and help kids edit for capitalization, ending punctuation, and spelling of high-frequency words. That is a GREAT skill to develop.
  3. 5-paragraph Essay. I will be in touch with this assignment.
  4. http://cincinnatizoo.org/.home-safari-resources/. This is my FAVORITE assignment! I have been following this site myself, because I love animals. The zoo is featuring one animal per day for kids, in 15-20 minute videos. Your assignment is to watch a video and write one paragraph about what you learned/thought about the animal you watched. Remember, a good paragraph has 1 topic sentence, 3 related sentences, and 1 conclusion sentence. I have watched and learned all about okapis, cheetahs, tortoises… to name a few. If you want to choose this EVERYDAY, I am so supportive of that idea. It is a super fun way to learn. Here in an example paragraph about okapis:

I watched a video about the okapi. They are the only animals related to the giraffe! An okapi lives in Africa. They are endangered and can communicate with sound that cheetahs can’t hear, so the cheetah will not find them. They are beautiful animals with pretty zebra stripes on their legs.

  1. Reading Comprehension Sheets/Packets to go with short stories or longer books.

There is WAY more than 2 months work between this packet and the materials in ROOM 15. I will be in touch to support you. Just do a little each day and build from there. Make it work for your family.

Mrs. Cedros


  • My favorite is KHAN ACADEMY for every skill
  • MATH YouTube Channels to Check Out
    • Math Antics
      • Math Songs by NumberRock
      • 5th Grade Math with Mr.J
      • Khan Academy
      • Multiplication Mash-up (facts)
  • Rounding to the Nearest Whole Number
  • Multi-digit Addition
    • YouTube
      • “My Growing Brain”— https://youtu.be/HBa8XBHnJ4U
        • Mostly an example video rather than explanation-based
          • Uses the “regrouping” method for three-digit + three digit problem
          • Uses “counting-on” for adding single digits
          • “Homeschool Pop”— https://youtu.be/Q9sLfMrH8_w
          • VERY slow-paced
          • Goes over single-digit addition in the beginning and uses it to build strategy
          • Not just an example video, more of an explanation video
      • “NumberRock”— https://youtu.be/cE-yrJv4TEs
        • Song version of an example
          • Cute, but might be too fast
  • Multi-Digit Subtraction
    • YouTube
      • “MathAntics”— https://youtu.be/Y6M89-6106I
        • Longer video, has “why” explanation at the beginning
          • Very detailed, uses visual references throughout
          • Multiple examples, repetitive
          • Uses small animations, pics, etc. to be more “interesting”
  • Multi-Digit Multiplication
    • YouTube
    • YouTube
      • “Math with Mr. J”— https://youtu.be/up_xKZ6GeUg
        • Two whole number examples, two examples with remainders
          • 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers being divided by single-digits
      • “Khan Academy”— https://youtu.be/xXIG8ouHcsc
        • Four-digit number being divided by a two-digit number, no remainder
          • Wasn’t sure if this level was necessary but added it just in case
  • Basic Fractions

10 minutes facts practice

30 minutes computation each school day. This can also include YOUTUBE/ KHAN ACADEMY VIDEOS, … whatever fits your family needs.

Math Worksheets

March 30th - April 10th

Hello Families,

I hope this email finds you well. I am thinking of you and your kids and sending you lots of good thoughts. There will be a paper packet of practice opportunities for the 2 weeks after Spring Break, if that works for you. However, if you would like to supplement instruction with the following on-line activities, I think that would be a great option for your child to work at their ability. If wifi is difficult, Xfinity has just opened all of their hotspots for free.

I care about you and will check my email often, if you have any questions.

Take Care!

Mrs. Cedros

After your kids login, they can access the following websites we use in class frequently:

Spelling CityTyping PalGetMoreMath, Math Facts in a Flash, Bookshare.org

On Bookshare, your child has a list of ‘Books for Fun’. They can pick any book to read/listen to and then complete the following writing assignment: Title of Book, Setting, Characters, What Happened in the Story. Then, your child can write one paragraph if they liked/did not like the book and why. The paragraph should have one topic sentence: I liked the book, ____, because..., 3 related sentences, and one conclusion sentence.

Each day, your child can write the date and list 10 things they are grateful for in complete sentences. For example, if their favorite food is chicken nuggets, they can write: 1. I am grateful for chicken nuggets because they taste great!

They will get credit for each dated list of 10 sentences.

On the county website, tcsos.us, the county has compiled a ton of web-based activities. I checked the California Department of Education website, and there are a ton of cool options there, as well. My favorite are the Science demos.

YOUTUBE has a ton of songs and activities related to math facts, states (for 5th-grade), parts of speech, editing, etc.

Scholastic.com has made curriculum available for free, up to 3 hours per day. If you choose any of these activities, cooking with your child, board games, art, etc. you can have your child list what they did, how long, with whom, and what they learned, and I will give them credit. There is lots of learning to do out there, and time with family gets priority.

Take care of yourselves! I miss you!

Mrs. Cedros


Karen Cedros

Specialized Academic Instruction

Soulsbyville Elementary School

Here are the links to the Lessons for week 1 and week 2.

Week 1

Week 2